Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dominos Pizza Comes to Kiev

Ah, the benefits of globalization! Real American pizza (Dominos Pizza) is now available in Kiev. And judging by the popularity of the first joint to open, others will be coming soon enough, and eventually in other cities across Ukraine. Pizzerias are particularly popular in western Ukraine, but they could still use a Dominos!

I've studied the Dominos at Kontraktova Ploscha, 2/1 very thoroughly and would like to share what I've learned.

Prices are quite low, and if you figure out their specials you can get extremely good deals:
  • On Tuesdays there's a "buy one get one free" deal on pizzas. You can get a large pizza for as little as 68 UAH (for instance, a Hawaiian pizza) and get another one of equal or lesser cost free. That's just over $4 USD per large pizza and enough to feed three people.
  • There are 3 combos on their menu. #2 is the best deal, costing 99 UAH ($12.50 USD) for 2 medium-sized pizzas, a salad, and breadsticks. That's a savings of 69 UAH and, once again, food enough for 3 people.
Furthermore, delivery is free throughout Podil (a historical district of the city where the author happens to live).

The restaurant itself has a great atmosphere, seems very efficient, and has a nice, large bathroom. I think they'll be very successful.

I should mention that the pizza is very tasty, too.

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